Why I Started Salt To Taste

Life has become too hectic and too much is being expected from us.  I believe in cutting out the unnecessary, so you can focus on the real moments. As a Mom who works 40+ hours a week, my life can be crazy. I found that I was so much happier and calmer when I had things organized and in order. Using what I am best at, I decided to share ways I organize and simplify my surroundings to give me more time to do what I love.

Want to Know More about Me?

My experiences stretch from the small business world working as a wedding coordinator to the corporate world working for Fortune 500 companies.

Those that know me best will tell you I’m one of the most organized and resourceful people they know.

I am inspired to simplify life like Emily Ley and Kim John Payne; cook and entertain like Martha Stewart; Style and design like Joanna Gaines.